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Musical Theatre performer

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Izzy Roth(she/her) is an intelligent, driven, and compassionate performer and creative. Since her first dance recitals, figure skating competitions, and piano performances starting at 6 years old, she hasn’t left the stage. As a recent graduate from the school of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA, she performed in numerous theater department and student run productions, short films, new musical workshops, and the world premiere of an opera. She also sang in the premiere UCLA female-identifying a cappella group Random Voices, and soloed in their 3rd place ICCA Quarterfinal performance. 


Outside of performance, she is an avid knitter and crocheter, and is the co-founder of the first crochet club and community on her college campus. She loves to spend time in the kitchen, vegetarianizing traditional Chinese cuisine. She has a penchant for throwing a niche themed party, and she hopes her art makes you feel like you’re invited.

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